CAROL: "Dearest..."

To promote the release of The Weinstein Company's Oscar nominated film “Carol”, The New York Times' T Brand Studio asked Fake Love to collaborate on the creation of its next major virtual reality experience within the NYT VR app, and the first of its kind for any movie studio.

"Carol: Dearest..." was released alongside The New York Times Magazine's annual “Great Performers” and iconic flight scenes issue, in which a VR film with an appearance from Carol actress Rooney Mara was added. Our film was the fourth piece of advertised VR content since the launch of NYT VR, a mobile app that uses Google Cardboard to view immersive experiences. At its launch, 1.3 million Google Cardboard headsets were delivered to print subscribers.

We crafted a visually stunning and intimate VR experience that allows viewers to fully immerse themselves within a set of stylized vignettes; woven together using visual transitions the vignettes recreate the mood of the film in a full Stereo 360º scene.

The experience features 4 vignettes from the movie: a restaurant vignette with appearances from Cate Blanchett and Roonie Mara, an outdoor vignette that captures the films outdoor landscapes, and two vignettes that feature key narrative set pieces from the film, the Department store and Cate's apartment. Transition visuals such as toy trains weave in and out of the scenes, unifying the vignettes and adding to the mood of the experience. Surreal snowfall, flowers, and lights float around the viewer in 3d space encapsulating them in the world of Carol.

Watch Carol VR in 360 stereo video here.



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